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This is a multi-fandom blog. I reblog anything I fancy. Sometimes I post my own shit, too.

Currently obsessed with Hakuouki, Masato Sakai, jidaigeki, otome games, and anything Japanese.

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Made with Paper

y a o i hands and random purple boy.


have you ever started crying for one reason then end up crying about every possible thing wrong with your life

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Made with Paper
I tried to draw Okita on my iPad with the cheap stylus pen I got. It ruined my screen protector. XD I might change the color. Idk why I went with this scheme.
— Queued up.

I’ll be gone for a while (again), now that the holidays are over.

See ya.

Made with Paper

Found an iPad stylus lying around and was kinda bored, so I decided to doodle a bit. Didnt expect this as a result though. He looked a lot like Gyokuei from the manga series Ooku, so I decided to name him such. I know it’s quite far from it, true, but just this once, let me be proud of being able to actually draw someone else’s character! :)) Too bad I couldnt adjust the size; I badly wanted to draw a chonmage (topknot) for lulz. 

Im not sure if it’s because I was using a cheap stylus, but I dont think drawing on the iPad is still not as great as drawing on a cheap tablet.

I hope you like it as much as I do! :)) it’s kinda rush, so it’s not great and all, but I’d still appreciate your honest comments. :))

Please download the app Paper by FiftyThree on AppStore. It’s a fun, free, and simple app to use!
— asdfghjkl;

Takemoto-san is back from the holidays, and he replied, “nihongo jouzu desu ne,” to my obviously Google-translated greetings. I’m having a bad case of “senpai noticed me” reaction. Still, I’m so happy he bothered to reply. And he’s also arranging to have my mum visit Japan for their next convention!


— My Unhealthy Obsession with Otoge

I’m considering switching from my current Blackberry to my old iPhone, just so I can purchase the Voltage, Inc. apps and play them properly. Hahaha. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea though, since that means I will have to sacrifice convenience over entertainment. I am also already carrying an iPad (for my NTTSolmare and Soine apps!), and I don’t like the idea of having two same objects of different sizes because I find it stupid. If I don’t do it, however, I will be stuck yearning for those other otoge I have yet to splurge on. Aughhh. I’m starting to hate myself for this uncontrollable desire of mine. Ahahaha. 

— My tags are a mess and my page is half-dead.

As such, it shall be a New Year’s Resolution to assign appropriate tags to stuff I post or reblog, and to post and reblog more stuff instead of just liking them. Ahahaha. I don’t reblog posts anymore if they’re not properly sourced, hence my blog is as scarce as ever. Thank you for still following me after all these year(s). :))

Ahhh! This is supposed to be a picture of me and my bff, given to me as an advanced Christmas gift by one of my good friends in Manila, and commissioned from a certain artist named KanaUkitake on Gaia Online. So cute. I was quite surprised to receive this, really. 

Thanks, Jessica. For being so thoughtful, and for being a great friend. <3 Wabshoo.
— Tumblr-ing from my Blackberry phone.

Liek, ermagesh. I am so glad I can finally use Tumblr on my phone. It saves me the hassle of bringing an iPhone or laptop with me all the time just so I can check, like, and post stuff on this site. It’s a bit slow, since I’m relying on my data plan, but that’s alright. It’s better than none at all. So that post about me being scarce? Might as well screw it. :)) I don’t think I can concentrate in school anymore with this! I’m really glad I asked Tumblr’s customer support. They take a while to reply, but they’re really helpful and courteous. They answer even my silly questions. :D Thanks, Tumblr Staff! I really do wonder how we are like “customers”, if we don’t buy anything from them at all. Good bye, Twitter. Nyahaha.

— I’ve been very scarce these past months…

And it’s definitely not because I’m losing interest in Tumblr. Well, at least the posts on my dashboard are all good. It’s just that I don’t think I can write anything at all anymore. I still take interest in a lot of things, like politics, anime, moral issues, and whatnot, enough for some serious debates and discussions. However, I cannot bring myself to comment much at all. I feel so restricted in a sense. By what or by whom, I can’t really say. I can’t even bring myself to reblog posts anymore, so I just end up ‘liking’ them and keeping them to myself. Maybe it’s the fear of being reprimanded for reblogging unsourced material. Or maybe I just don’t want to seem alive to others anymore.

Ahaha. I’m not about to get emotional here. It’s just that there’s a lot on my mind these past months that needs working out, but I’m too detached from reality to know what really are and how to go about them. That’s why I’ve been trying to become less involved in the “artificial” world. I still check Facebook and some favorite blogs from time to time, but I limit myself to doing so over my phone, to lessen the distractions. I still read manga scanlations just to catch up on titles I’ve been following over the years (like Naruto, obviously), but I also need to start reading more from the pile of books that has accumulated near my bedside, after all those months of splurging on literature and manga. And, so… I’ll continue to be scarce, yes. But I won’t be completely gone. It’s just that I need to spend more time in my offline life for now.

So, for those of you who still follow me, in spite of my absence, thank you. Feel free to leave me a message. See you. :)

— Bon Odori 2012

Time flies so fast, and Bon Odori’s next week already. I still can’t decide on whether I should go or not. I really want to, since I’ve seen the programme for the 3-day celebration, and they all seem like the break I’ve been asking for (all traditional: tea ceremony, ikebana, advance origami, and calligraphy — by invited Japanese guests — to name a few!). On the flip side, I’ve already arranged with my teachers that I’m taking my finals exams (two weeks) in advance, just so I can push through with the bloody Europe trip. Also, since the theme is traditional, no cosplayers are allowed, and since a yukata is required, I don’t think my friends can come. A lot of people have backed out already, though some are also planning on coming as samurais.

ARGH. I’mm torn. I wish someone would cosplay the Hakuouki Shinsengumi. If Okita’s there, I’ll sneak in a bit, so I can have a picture taken.

Here are pics of me (in yukata) with my friend as Okita Souji from Peacemaker Kurogane from a few years back. Could pass as a Hijikata Toshizo, right? Hahaha.

Sigh. o(╥﹏╥)o What do I do?

— My apologies…

To those who are following me, I’m sorry if my page seems dead, or is full of lame text posts. It’s not that I’m inactive on Tumblr — I’m actually on everyday. I just don’t reblog much anymore, since most stuff I see on my dash are unsourced materials, albeit good ones. Also, there isn’t much for me to post that isn’t a work of mine, since I’m too busy to actually go through the process of scanning stuff and digitally alter them… not like I know how to in the first place. So, instead, I just end up liking stuff, keeping them to myself. Maybe if I get the time, I’ll start being visibly active again.

Thank you, friends. :)